A word used to describe an overall yuckiness and tiredness in life. Used to express confusion when used as a question. (Nyuh?)

"How are you today?"
"*shrugs shoulders* Nyuh. Not great."
"How's your love life?"
"Nyuh. non-existent."
by Vicky Couchman July 06, 2006
Top Definition
A word commonly used in ecstasy. Expression of all emotions at once. Can be used interchangeably with any word, emotion, or idea.

Also used twice to emphasize expression.
"Nyuh, I passed my final!"
"Omg, nyuh."

"Nyuh nyuh."
by Stephanie J.F. July 17, 2005
Usually spoken three times repeatedly after viewing something ultimately cute or pleasing. It's the sound you make when ordinary words can't properly describe your appreciation of the viewed object's cuteness or awesomeness.

Often preceded by a drawn-out "Awww."

Frequently confirmed by a singular repetition from the other person.
Person 1: Hey - look how cute that puppy is!
Person 2: Awwww... nyuh nyuh nyuh!!!
Person 1: Nyuh.
by h8t_no1 December 09, 2007
Noise used in defiance, usually that of authority or in response to a stupid request or demand.

Most effective when done in conjunction while:

A. pushing the lower lip out from the bottom teeth with the tongue.

B. holding a hand out in front of oneself as though supporting a long and well girthed penis.

Originated from Indian Hills, West Riverside, CA
"Can't you read the sign? No skateboarding!"

by OTTObox February 08, 2012
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