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a very close friend, considered family.

nigga and cuzzin combined.
"hit me up with that pipe nuzzin"
by bignorte November 11, 2007
3 11
Nephew/Cousin or Niece/Cousin

Cousin once removed!

***Your cousin's kids***

My cousin's kids are really young, they're technically my cousins once removed, but they see me as more of an aunt!

So they're my little "nuzzins"
I love my two little nuzzins Juan and Mario <3 <3 <3
by CousinAunt Dinah March 13, 2009
17 5
when a bee begins to fly all around you and won't leave, usually brought on by the eating of popsicles and other such treats
these bees are hardcore nuzzin me, i hate the outdoors.
by longboyhokie15 May 07, 2012
4 0
When one perspires in large quantities to the point where undershirts have large oyster stains.
Wow that kid is nuzzin so bad from the heat...sucha turnoff.
by Craig Mooney January 13, 2011
1 1