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The dopest hip hop duo in the game. Nutz-O (aka Last Mango aka Helicopter) is the lead emcee, an articulate, thought-provoking lyricist. Skitzo (aka Slingshot aka Balla Boy aka Mark) is the writer/producer. Rumor of a third member named Klepto has caused quite a stir though sources close to N&S report his/her identity will be kept in absolutely secrecy.

The duo started with "The X Tables" before blowing up with "The Xtina Tables", a diss to a neighborhood prostitute. Their next track, "That Bitch a Hoe", is already gaining a buzz in the streets despite a delay in its release.
Guy: "Tilt ya head back I'm about to cummmmm!"
Girl: "What the FUCK did you just say to me?"
Guy: "It's from that new Nutz-o & Skitzo!"
Girl: "Ohhh! You wanna come in for some coffee?"
by Go... March 27, 2008
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