yo that game was nutty!
by rizz215 April 07, 2009
A hissy fit.
Holy shit bro, my brother threw a nutty last night when i took his hannah montana doll away.
by The Octissun! April 15, 2009
It's when you get fuckin tits to the bone, which usually results in "hedge diving" or just getting even nuttier.
Drink mass amounts of Alcohol so that you can barely see, and have the brains of a nut.
"Yo, (enter friends name here) Lets get fuckin nutty."
"Thats not a hedge dive!, This is a hedge Dive. Wow, were fuckin gettin nutty."

"TITS, ASS, Shut up, your so fuckin nutty right now"
by Camron Bradley October 20, 2006
just another word for really kool...

fuck, that party was nutty last night man.
by 50 cent October 17, 2003
when you cant get it up. When nothing seems to arouse you apart from boys.
Daniel " i just cant get it up! i mean this is some goos chick porn...i think im goin nutty..."
by goats anon January 17, 2004

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