Can be used in any context, for any occasion.

Derrived from the popular English TV comedy show: "Mock the Week"
"Lets go play some ball"
"Nuts on the road"
by 12345678987654321 September 16, 2007
Top Definition
An expression meaning OK. Like Hell Yeah, Nuts on the Road is an expression used to signify that something is going well, or that something is a good idea. First coined on Mock The Week.
Andy: Want to go out for a drink later?
Russell: Nuts on the road I do!
by Benji H September 20, 2007
A common expression used by Osama Bin Laden to express delight.
The infidels will tremble before the might of allah, it will be totally nuts on the road
by Frankie Boyle September 13, 2007
means okay, thats fine, all good, great, sounds good etc.
John: Shall we got out for a curry tonight?
Chris: Nuts on the road we will!
by dfghfdrfdfrt September 14, 2007
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