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A Nutmagnet (Nut-Magnet) / Nut Magnet is the victim of the Bunny Boiler.

Pretty much every female he encounters or girlfriend he finds himself with is a right psycho. A Nut Magnet just has that personality that attracts the kind of female who turns out to be a nightmare he is like a fanny magnet but they always turn out to be psycho stalking nutters.
Dave: John is so unlucky with girlfriends his last one cut all the sleeves off his shirts, cut the crutch out of his jeans and poured paint over his bed. She thought he was playing away..

Simon: John isn't unlucky..... He's a nutmagnet (Nut-Magnet)

Dave: Come to think about you're right there his last few girlfriends have been right bunny boilers.
by NutMagnet October 10, 2013

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