note:all other definitions are wrong. (nut huggers) are tight underwear sometimes speedo-like. that suck your nuts (testicles) into your stomach thus heating them and lowering spemcount. sometimes tighty whites (in briefs form) can be nuthuggers
"dude i was in the locker room and i saw some one wearin some tight ass draws i mean they were tight"

" ya man i saw those. them is some nut huggers. dude needs to let them jewels cool off"
by Xavier LH May 13, 2008
these tight ass pants worn by losers who try to be in a "scene" or "emo" and look like they don't bathe with their nasty nappy fro's and greasy fuck mook hair
Dan: "can ya see my balls?" Friend: "Yes and i'm such a homo that its turning me on" Dan: "word, lets bang"
by heywood jablome January 03, 2005
pants worn by males that are particularly tighter than a talkin bout tighter than ya girls jeans. they actually suffocate the gentilia to the point that the penis is overly exposed to be too big or tooo small...
what the F$#* is this nigga wearing?

Nut huggers man nut huggers

by BRIII December 19, 2006
Tight jeans worn by Hill billies.
Look at that Hilljacks nuthugger jeans! Hes smuggling grapes!
by Philisdumb March 18, 2003
One who lacks intelligence & common sense.
Reading that nuthugger downsti's posts made my head hurt.
by BAIC February 01, 2007
a homosexual man. likes to fuck other guys.
Boy 1: Yo, i came home last night after that party, walked into my parents room, and saw my dad with some other dude.
Boy 2: Holy shit, no way. Was he boning him?
Boy 1: Yah, I think so.
Boy 2: Fuck dude, your dads a nuthugger.
by Pensky May 07, 2006
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