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it is where you get hit in the nuts so hard that they move back and forth causing whiplash and it causes large amounts of pain
guy1:Hey! whats up?
Ninja:*kicks guy1 in the nuts*
guy1:Oh! god nut whiplash...
Ninja:....*walks away calmly*
by kyle mueller March 08, 2007
When your nuts to slam down which stretches out your sack and causes a rubber band action as it tightens back up and slingshots your nuts into your pelvis.
I get Nut whiplash when I air 2 flat on the ice coast.

What does nut whiplash feel like?

After you drydock, it sometimes feels like the larger nut bounces off stuff and flings into your bunghole.
by TGR2 April 16, 2008
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