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A couples party where the hosts gives each woman a nut and each man a bolt that does not match the nut his partner has.

During the party, everyone tries to find the matching nuts and bolts. Matching pairs determine parings for whatever activities are planned for the after-party. Often it is used to detremine who is going to have some sort of sex with each other.
My girlfriend Jill and I went to an oral "nut and bolt" party the other night. My bolt fit into Suzy's nut and Jill's nut fit Bob's bolt.

I got so hard watching Jill giving Bob a blow job while I was licking Suzy's pussy. I think Bob was surprised that Jill swallowed his cum. Suzy had me cum on her tits, but she gave one hell of a blow job otherwise.
by BRD October 24, 2004
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