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A device mostly used by kick-ass ninjas (also by Reggie) to cleanse bodily fluids from the anus or anuses.
I haven't used my numchucks in a week, OH SNAP GREMLINS.
by okayfrog October 07, 2004
A idiot/ dumbass / stupid
to be used in a playfull sence

youre a numchuck

by the shanesta April 09, 2009
A person wearing a big jacket with their hood up or simply someone who has big cheeks!
Nia looked like a numchuck when she borrowed her friend's ski jacket because she was cold.
by Kelsey Palmer May 27, 2009
Anal application of cocaine by sprinkling on a penis or dildo prior to insertion.
"How about a numchuck," Rhonda asked Steve seductively.
by Brian Curley January 24, 2008
A device that Napolian in the movie Naplian Dynamite has mad ninja skills with.
Sorry this definition sucks, but it's the wee hours in the morning on january first, and i have nothing beter to do. Someone should kick my ass with numchucks. that'd teach me.
by qzy December 31, 2004