A girl that no man can touch. The most holy of holy
Don't even bother with that nukka.
by shelly February 10, 2003
white-boy form of nigga invented by brandon roseth/harry stone
What up nukka head!
by B-randon October 05, 2003
search for 'bushi'
nuKKa pLz
by werd` March 08, 2003
A state of being, the ulitmate state of reality. An elevated man. One who is above all others.
That man is the epitome of what all men should be, he is a nukka.
by Stephen Smith November 19, 2003
Made up word by the gaming clan {-SøC-). Black people say "nigga", we white people say, "nukka".
"What up NUKKA!"
by Daniel Carroll April 13, 2004
A member of a cult created from the organization MAST. Founded by Stephen S., Ian H., Don J., Chris S., Traver W., and Jason B.
Traver W. is a member of Nukka.
by Stephen S November 19, 2003

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