A fun playful alternative to nigga or nigger, which are more offensive. However, hardcore blacks may still take offense to this and then try to do that acting tough thing they do.
Me: "Hey what's up nukka"
Black: "The fuck you say bitch? Imma beat your craka ass in foo!"
Me: "Ugh, nukka please"
by The Jailbird November 03, 2008
An intelligent, hardworking, driven, and well rounded young man usually in college or a college graduate. This term is reserved for only the best and brightest young men.
Dad: I can't believe that our Jimmy graduated from college.

Mom: Yes, I am so proud of our little nukka.

Dad: I agree; he is great.
by flippapotomus April 09, 2010
A group of interracial bestfriends who never betray one another.
Me and my nukkas don't fuck with no thots
by Blackboyfly96 January 11, 2014
Nukka: "A name for a close black friend."
"Hey wanna go play some ball nukka?"
by Seabacethebadace April 11, 2009
NUU-KAH: Noun: meaning a nicer word than: Nigga, Nigger, Whigger, and "that black kid."
Mayne, forget that nukka!
by Brooke V. January 04, 2009
nukka - younger sister inuit word
She is my nukka.

I like your nukka.
by alaskan302011 May 10, 2011
anything and errything, mostly used by children in american canyon
you just got nukka-d
by macabrecharade November 08, 2010

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