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MCDONALDS LOVER....mainly a lover of chicken mcnuggets but is truely a fat shit
Brian Novak is such a nugnut that he shits out straight mcnuggets daily.
by Boo Fa Unit July 13, 2009
A word deriving from Ohio meaning a drunk white girl being politically incorrect...
You don't have to be such a nug nut.
by the muskets June 20, 2009
Crazy; A person going especially nuts or out of control.
Lionel Messi went nugnuts last night. He had 3 goals!
by BostonGrowler88 August 12, 2014
A person of great hyper activity turning to great anger in a flash

From the word nugget: being of great agility and hyperness
(A large item drops on girl...screaming starts)

Guy: Ah crap....she's gone nugnuts.....
by Rocker_Blade09 February 10, 2009

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