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A secret level of ninja that is rarely talked about, because no one knows who they are. Along with having superior ninja skills, they are skilled in the ways of "secrecy", and do not let others hear of their glorious ninjatastic ways. The creator of this special league of ninjas is said to be so great, his supreme awesomeness cannot be expressed in words. Not even the nuclear ninjas have seen him.
Guy: Dude! My algebra teacher is a total douche. I tried to get him fired, but it didn't work!

Some Other Guy: If all else fails, use the nuclear ninjas. They always get the job done.
by Astreed November 01, 2007
Nuclear Ninja: Nuclear News Is Never Just Accepted

Too question everything that is NEWS about Nuclear!
The Nuclear Fascists say that nuclear reactors are safe but the Nuclear Ninja know better; on has only to look at the TRIPLE meltdown in Japan to that that is just Nuclear Baloney (NB)...
by CaptD January 01, 2012

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