A person who has a bad understanding of how things work.
Someone very nooby.
Someone who is new at something
Someone who can't do anything right
Person 1: Hey you know that new girl Aysha Fiaz? She asked me how to use the pencil sharperner!

Person 1: awh man I dont know how to use this program
by sykestiffy December 16, 2008
A term refering to a internet gamer who isnt very good/not been playing for very long at a certain game.

the ending "cake" is just for friendly refrences :)
You are a Nub-Cake !
by Rob and Ant July 11, 2008
A better variation of "noob" and "nub", as first used in DigitalPh33r's Arby n' the Chief, said by Master Chief to the Arbiter.
Hey nubcake, I just totally pwned you.
by hhcash June 14, 2008
A Synonym for newb... a person who sucks or acts like he is good in a video game, mostly used in first person shooters
"OMGWTFBBQ! He shotgun'd me, what a nubcake"


"STFU you nub cake, all u did was camp with a sword"
by SynisterSilence July 31, 2009
Someone who is a nub at stuff.
Who doesn't know anything, or is new to it.
AYSHA FIAZ IS A NUBCAKES cos she doesnt knwo how to use a calculator :)
by sykestiffy December 13, 2008
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