(stands for Not Of This World) A believer in Jesus Christ. Their belief makes them literally not of this world. What exactly they mean by that is in question. Is it
A) "I'm going to heaven and you nonbelievers are going to hell. And yes I know that's true!." or, is it
B) It happens that I enjoy following the teachings of Jesus Christ and I think it's cool enough to put a sticker on my car. Other people like other things. Tastes great - less filling. bla bla everybody chill already.
NYC visits SoCal: 'Yo what's with all the NOTW stickers on cars out here.?'
'I dunno dude, I think it's Not Of This World...no one even knows what the fuck it means.
by ooos August 31, 2008
Top Definition
Not of this world. It is a popular Christian acronym used on clothing, cars, etc. It comes from the bible, John 18:36

"My Kingdom is not of this world"

The kingdom refers to the Christian believers. (the Church)
"I wear NOTW shirts to visually proclaim my faith."
by cjpatel April 13, 2009
Acronym for: neck of the woods-A region; a neighborhood.
Brendan: Guess what!? I'm coming to your NOTW!

Nikko: Ask me if I care...
by The TSN August 18, 2010
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