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Pretty self-explanatory. See nsfw.
The link was subtitled not safe for work and my entire family was in the room. The only logical option was to click it.
by cain_west November 18, 2007
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A phrase meaning possibly pornographic in respect or having horrendous language. Don't look at it in school.
The video of that slut stripping is totally not safe for work.
by Erik Stehlar October 24, 2007
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Often abbreviated to NSFW, it began as a label for media on the Internet such a pictures and music which had explicit content and you might not want your boss or teacher to find you surfing that stuff at school or work.

As of 2016 the label NSFW simply applies to anything that might be offensive or repulsive to some but not to others, whether it is actually Internet media or not.

It is the same taming down of words so you dont upset someone when they really need to understand what they are doing upsets people.

"That picture is porn its NSFW"

"Yeah well you're bitching offends me so its NSFW too."
Old meaning: redtube is not safe for work.

New meaning: Kelly wore a leather skirt that was only 6 inches long....totally NSFW
by Goth Doll October 02, 2016
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