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the new term for wasted, drunk or sauced.
Omg guys, I was so nosed last night I don't remember a thing!
by partyhardychicks July 14, 2011
71 6
getting drunk, the new word for sauced, or wasted
yoooo lets get nosed!
by smc sluts July 12, 2011
76 3
Another word for "drunk", "smashed", "hammered", "sauced", "wasted", etc.

(Usually said while tapping your nose.)
"GUYS LETS GET NOSED!!" *taps nose repeatedly*
by SMC Grad Party July 14, 2011
68 7
another word meaning getting wasted or sauced. Usually done with party hardy chics.
Are we getting nosed tonight? (while tapped your nose constantly.)
by The Nose Crew. July 16, 2011
66 11
to be drunk or wasted, the new word used when describing be hammered. Mainly changed to nosed so parents and other people wouldn't know what your talking about. While saying how nosed you are, or how you want to get nosed you usually tap your nose repeatedly to get across your point.
by thedbiddies July 16, 2011
61 8
To be nudged (often repeatedly) with a nose, such as a young puppy might do to push a sibling aside to make room in a basket.

Can also refer to "nosing" an alcoholic drink, and in a drunken fit of blaming, saying that the alcohol did something to the nose instead. Similar to "I got in a fight." vs "I started a fight."
"Bob nosed me."

"I got sooooooooo nosed."
by xotl January 10, 2012
1 0
The act of inserting ones nose in a females
vigina or put a penis in ones nostrol
Nosing nosed noses nose noseabled
by Sexy man best of the west April 16, 2009
11 37