Slang term given to donair sauce. As in liking it so much you could snort it.
D: You like donair sauce too?
M: Yeah that shits nose candy.
by Thelonius Borden February 23, 2010
Top Definition
cocaine used for snorting
"I had three lines of nose candy."
by SLOGAN December 06, 2002
stuff that you snort
by stu March 18, 2003
Cocaine that you would snort up your nose.
I saw two kids with nose candy
by Jon d rockafella March 26, 2008
1. cocaine

2. any other drug that can be snorted
after we snorted that nose candy i was up all night
by Powder4thaHoes May 16, 2011
Any drug you can snort.
Most commonly cocaine, but can also include heroin, meth, and ecstacy.
See booger sugar!
Man, hook me up wit sum of dat sweet ass nose candy!
by Hgod&Tgod June 20, 2013
cocaine. coke, blow, cane
I was on the corner today & some chick asked me, "You know where I could score some nosecandy."
by T-Dogg November 18, 2003
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