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A nose nugget is one of those wonderful little green suprizes that you discover fluttering in your nostril. Sometimes they are hard and crunchy, and sometimes they are soft and mushy. Not to be confused with snot, which is of a more liquid consistency and can be stretched out to 100 times its original length. Nose nuggets are very handy for picking and flicking into someones hair that you dont like. Or to wipe in an unsuspecting place for someone else to discover. What a thoughtful suprize. Now go out there and share your nose nuggets with everyone.
1) Dude, I was escavating a monster nose nugget last night and I yanked and yanked on it and it finally came out but I think I yanked a piece of my brain with me get this bitch back in there.

2) The snotty bitch kept shushing me at the movies so I flicked about six nose nuggets in her hair during the flick.

You should see my nose nugget em all boxed up and labeled...must be 2500 strong by now.
by Ezeerider September 27, 2004
The green stuff in your nose
Dude, he shot thos nose nuggets acroos the room when he laughed
by Duke nukam August 11, 2003
A booger. Also a dried up booger sometimes found stuck to objects like in between couch cushions, under car seats, and under desks.
Cuhhh! We had an earthquake drill today and i saw Lucas Byrd putting some nose nuggets under his desk.
by Austin Vaught November 09, 2010
A funny word, originating from the show MXC. Can be used for anything.
Vic Romano says, "Nosenuggets!"
by Dark Chaos December 25, 2003
Little round snot-balls made by removing dust and snot from your nose and rolling it into little round balls and tossing them!
1-I saw him rolling some nose nuggets when he was riding in the car yesterday.

2-He was pitching his nose nuggets at people passing by.
by Alisa the Teeny Bopper April 17, 2010
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