Probably the best country in the world beautiful scenery and filled with beautiful people, We have had our share of violent trouble in the past but now we have put that behind us and hope to never travel that dark road again
"The Titanic was built in Northern Ireland"

"The troubles"

"Home of the spides and millies"

"Catholics and Protestants"

"IRA and UVF"
by Harry69 January 10, 2010
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Noun: A distinct political unit, for all intents and purposes a country in its own right, located at the top north-east corner of the island of Ireland, comprised of six of the nine counties of Ulster.

Also known as God's Own Country or God's Chosen Six Counties, generically as Ulster or the Province, and most often shortened in literature to Norn Iron. A little country of a mere 1.5 million people, where job opportunities and social cohesion are so absent that most of the population drinks heavily and hates everyone else.

Vodka is cheap here, as is beer, thank god.

Northern Ireland contains everything that is good about the island of Ireland. The Northern Irish people have a dark self-deprecating sense of humour. We also beat England in 2005 in a football match and we'll never let them forget it.

Lots of people in Northern Ireland are inbred. Guinness tastes better up here, too.

Northern Ireland has many enemies in the wider world, but mostly they are just haters, jealous of Our Wee Country.
Foreigner : Northern Ireland? Never heard of it.
Me : It's fulla wankers mate. But it's home.

"We're not Brazil, we're Northern Ireland"
(popular football song)

Northern Ireland. The home of tatty bread and brown lemonade.
by Ownies Puppy August 22, 2006
a great wee country that needs no definition if you've been there!

i'm born and bred in Norn Iron and am proud of it! all the English that comment on Northern Ireland who haven't even been here need to wise the bap and shut up!

not everyone in Northern Ireland are terrorists or chavs or spides or drug dealers! Every country has freaks, we may have had problems in the past, but have you seen what's going on in London at the minute?

have you ever had a proper Ulster Fry?????
I don't think so!! don't slag it till you try it!

but it really does have some greaat things going on....come and see for yourselves!!!
We're from Norn Iron and are well proud!
We're not Brazil we're Northern Ireland!
Ulster til we die!
by Emma and Sarah August 03, 2007
messed up by England's plantation in the 1600's.
look, it's Northern Irland.
by Cailín beag June 14, 2003
Northern Ireland, located north of Ireland and west of Scotland, also can be found far east of America. Is in the British Isles and is North-west of England.

A great place to be, if someone ever asks you where you are from, as soon as you say Northern Ireland they will be like. "Wow!! You're hot! Wanna come to my place later?" You be like; Sure... after I'm done with all the other babes!
Girl 1: From?
Northern Irelander: Northern Ireland
Girl 1: OMFG!!!
Girl 2: leik! datz awesome!
Girl 3,4,5,6,7,8: YEAH!!!!!
by Beller October 02, 2005
Possibly the greatest place on earth, with friendly people, a colourful history and blood links to all around the world (mainly Canada, USA and Australia). Also called Ulster (as it includes 6 of Ulsters 9 counties), Our Wee Country, The North, N.I. and Norn Iron (Northern Ireland said with a big belfast accent).

Unfortunately some people in N.I. try to damage the country for various reasons, which sometimes gives the place a bad name.

N.I. has two main cities Belfast and Derry (officially Londonderry), a lough in the middle called Neagh, a second one called Erne. It has three main rivers, Foyle, Lagan and Bann. N.I. has many hills and mountains, three noteworthy ones being Slieve Donard, Slemish and Cavehill. N.I. also has the beautiful Giants Causeway, and is housed by many castles the most important being Carrickfergus Castle.
Carlsberg doesn't make countries, but if they did...

Northern Ireland is like the love child of Dublin and London.
by MrDantastic April 29, 2011
There's a wee spot in Europe its a place of great fame,
it lies to the north land and Ulster's its name,
it only has six counties but o what renown,
and it s emblem is the red hand topped by the queens crown.
now the Germans came over in the year of forty one,
and they tried to destroy us by bomb and by gun,
but our history could tell us of others who tried,
how our sons defended Ulster and they fought and died.
if a fenian should speak to you in his own fenian tongue,
they will speak of our friendships why we cant be one,
just you point to the red hand topped by the queens crown,
say were side by side with Britain and they wont let us down
Its personally a great place to life and i know alot of scots who would say they would love to life here , its a better place than london sure we've had a troubles, and weve got our immigrants from republic, maybe players of our national team play for lower teams than your top four except Evans , but we still beat England 1-0 , " Healy Healy "
we're from northern ireland and were proud
by Mearnsy_soufb February 08, 2009

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