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an oversized shithole in the middle of lansdale. there are 3,500 kids. 85% of the girls are complete sluts who think they run shit, 10% are the other races, 2% of those have a life & don't give a damn about getting less then a 98%, 4% will die of drug & alcohol abuse or end up pregnant by the end of highschool & the last 1% consists of decent people. 90% of the guys are assholes, 75% of which are players, 7% are creeps, 2% are egyptian & 1% are cool as hell. the sophmores think they own the school and whore around as much as they can just so people say their name. everyone thinks theyre tough as shit & try to start as many fights as they can on the daily. the lunches look like the crawled out of a dark hole. uncrustables are extremley overpriced but the cookies are AMAZING. the lunchladys are rediculously creepy & the one looks like a turtle without a shell. security is up everyones ass 24/7. except for sexual chocolate. shes the shit. all the teachers are old, pissed off & have nothing better to do then write you up for dumb shit. there are about 5 cool teachers.when it comes down to it, no one gives a shit about anyone but themselves & talks as much shit as anyone will listen to. 98% of the students do some sort of drug & everyone feels the need to bum cigs off each other. basiclly everyones a faggot, but if another school tried to fuck with us, we would wreck shit.
You go to North Penn Highschool right?
Oh, you tryna smash?
by lordofthegypsys January 11, 2011
The hell hole we are forced to go to seven hours a day to learn a whole bunch of pointless shit that we will never use. You can look around and nine out of ten people will fake ass bitches that people pretend to like. 97% of the school is on drugs including the teachers, and 99% are sluts or players. The teachers couldn't care less. The security is a joke. Everyone thinks they’re hot shit and there is a fight every week. Drama runs wild and WE ALL HATE NORTH PENN
(actual convo)
NPHS? Is that some sort of gang?

No, thats our high school
North Penn High school
the hell hole of lasndale
by A student of NPHS March 03, 2011
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