Derived from the quarterback Tony Romo, when some one shows that they are clutch in terms of sports. An act of being clutch.
Billy: '' Dude I hit a game winning shoot at the game tonight!''
Tom: '' That's sick dude!''
Billy: '' I know, no romo.''
by Young Polak October 16, 2011
Top Definition
1. Shorthand for "no romance."
2. A person who prefers a platonic relationship between two characters, particularly Dana Scully and Fox Mulder on the X-Files.

antonym: shipper
"Mulder and Scully naked and humping each other?" said the aghast noromo. "How about... no."
by queebuck June 27, 2005
Doing something that may seem romantic in nature but is only done to be friendly. Like giving out roses or taking a friend to the movies.
John: What'd you do this weekend?
Alan: I took Becky out to the movies and we went to go eat.
John: Aw that sounds sweet.
Alan: Yeah she's cute but it was just as friends. No romo.
by Slasha26 November 14, 2011
When you have a friend of the opposite sex and you would like to engage in an activity but just as friends say no romo, kinda like how people say no homo.
Rebecca: "hey harrison can i have a hug? No romo" Harrison: "yeah of course :)"
by Tiaak January 26, 2011
An alternative use of the phrase "No Homo". Originated from the GameFAQs Rap/Hip-Hop board, where it is regularly used to bypass censors.
Dude I totally beat that guy's ass last night. No Romo.
by young enigma June 23, 2009
No romo has a meaning that is identical to no homo; that is, it is to be used to negate things that one says or does that are inadvertently homosexual.

No romo is derived from the terminology no homo and the Dallas Cowboys' possibly-homosexual quarterback, Tony Romo.

John: Yo dude check out how big my dick is!
Mike: What the fuck, dude? You better call no romo.


Tobias: I've been in the film business for a while, but I just can't seem to get one in the can. No romo.
by ghjkbg August 18, 2007
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