When you're not dead, when you still can walk en talk then you're normal.
Tom: "Emiel you where absolutely fucked last night. How many Ouzo did you had, 32?"
Emiel: "Yes i had, but i could still walk and talk, I was normal."
#normal #drunk #tholo #talk #walk
by Baco August 16, 2007
1) A myth created by boring people
2) a boring person
"She's such a normal"
"Normal? What's that?"
"Oh, I think it's one of those urban legends."
#normal #boring #perjorative #myths #lamp
by Sophie Sock-Sorter September 07, 2012
1. In terms of math and real life, the average.
2. A carbon copy of everybody else therefore replaceable.
3. A "safe" state to be in, no risks involved since it is part of the majority, therefore boring.
4. A nonexistent state since everybody has little quirks and the term normal is relative.

5. The state my mom wants me to be.
You're weird, I'm normal-persona A
Person B just stares at person A wondering whether or not they should argue that there is no such thing as normal to a person with a normal...oops I mean low IQ.
#nonexistent #conformist #follower #sheep #boring
by flipmaya April 10, 2011
Normal is a cycle on the washing machine.
Mom, what do I set this to wash my hoodie?

Set it to normal dear.
#normal #standard #median #norm #sop
by Slimstrongswift May 12, 2014
conforming to social normality and therefore a pointless oxymoron
If the world simultaneously started to believe they were a block of cheese called jeff and you did not you are therefore abnormal
#normal #pointless #cheese #conform #oxymoron
by Aleksandr Orlov January 04, 2011
A lie. It is used in society to make an 'us against them' scenario and estranges social groups from one another.

Looking at its mathematical definition as: MOST COMMON IDENTICAL FACTOR.

We can now see how it is incorrect to use the term normal as people as THROUGHOUT TIME AND SPACE THERE HAVE NEVER BEEN TWO PEOPLE COMPLETELY THE SAME. therefore THERE IS NO NORMAL

and by proxy there is no abnormal either
Sam: What kind of normal person dies there hair blue

Joe: No one, because there is no such thing normal person. Were all different
#normal #lie #honest #sad fact of life #stupidity #society #human stupidity
by big black star February 28, 2010
there's no such thing as normal. everything, everyone changes each day so what do we have to call thats normal.
i have no words of how to be normal.
#plain #boring #easy #black or white #pst whatever
by jess-c November 26, 2009
normals like big screen tvs, gender archetypes, radio rock, are interested in cars, having babies, professional tattoos with sentimental meanings, they dont know shit about art, dont know shit about music, dont read, want to buy houses and clothes, and are worried about smelling nice. works a corporate job. goes out to 'chase pussy'. dances when bands play.
dude in flipflops wanders into a punk bar and complains that the women dont shave, erbody smells like b.o. and makes a douche of himself by being there.

"who was that bro in the orange tshirt pushing into me while the band was playing?"

"some normals"
#douche bag #bro #cop caller #jam band #mosh pit.
by lifeSucksScumFuck March 15, 2014
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