One of the many examples of why any band that feels they need to define themselves in terms of "Christian genre here" do so because they suck and can't make it being defined by their genre without the Christian tag on it. This is not to bash Christians, but to bash Norma Jean, who indeed suck.
Billy: Hey man have you ever heard Norma Jean?
Joey: No, I haven't how are they?
Billy: Well they really aren't very good actually.
Joey: Well then why the hell should I listen to them? What kinda music are they?
Billy: They are Christian Hardcore
Joey: OHHH, ok I'll go buy their CDs. I prefer my bands to have a positive Christian message to them, regardless of their lack of talent
Billy: Yeah me too. Plus they have really neato tshirts. Yay for Jesus!
by Skeeter McDougal April 19, 2006
One of the many bands that wish they were botch. Probably the worst thing to happen to hardcore next to artreyu. A band that claims to be hardcore that is acctualy metalcore garbage, Norma jean has made thousands of idiots think they listen to hardcore. While theyre frist release Bless the martyr and kiss the child was a decent album, O' god the aftermath was a disgusting atempt to mimic botch.
Idiot kid: Dude are you going to see Norma Jean!
Other Idiot: Fuck yeah!
idiot kid to not idiot kid: What about you
not idiot: *punches idiots in the face*
by wootwoot October 31, 2005
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