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One of the many examples of why any band that feels they need to define themselves in terms of "Christian genre here" do so because they suck and can't make it being defined by their genre without the Christian tag on it. This is not to bash Christians, but to bash Norma Jean, who indeed suck.
Billy: Hey man have you ever heard Norma Jean?
Joey: No, I haven't how are they?
Billy: Well they really aren't very good actually.
Joey: Well then why the hell should I listen to them? What kinda music are they?
Billy: They are Christian Hardcore
Joey: OHHH, ok I'll go buy their CDs. I prefer my bands to have a positive Christian message to them, regardless of their lack of talent
Billy: Yeah me too. Plus they have really neato tshirts. Yay for Jesus!
by Skeeter McDougal April 19, 2006
One the the BEST bands EVER. They are right up there. Talented. Catchy. Currently stuck in my head.

Norma Jean > Your run of the mill screamo mall punk shit.
by Your Weapons Are Useless June 30, 2005
A band that transcends the genre of hardcore, metalcore, whatever the fuck u wanna calll them, who's breakdowns are legendary, and straight fuck people up.
Me: dude holy shit that breakdown from norma jean's memphis will be laid to waste was the most hardcore breakdown ive ever been a part of.
Friend: Dude holy fuck, my legs are mad tired from two steppin to that shit.
Me: no shit, Norma jean kicks pure unaldulterated ass. fuck those kids who would rather listen to Good Charlotte.
by jumanji. July 29, 2007
The fugliest goof crack whore you'll ever meet. Even Brags about sucking cock for rock. If she's done it for you, your member has already turned green and fallen off. If you see her coming, head to the other side of the street so you don't catch anything.
Norma-Jean is such a cracker goof she tried to suck my dog off!!!!
by shitbanger March 10, 2011
The name you call someone when they are hogging the joint.
See bogart
Ey, Norma Jean! Stop being an oinker and pass that fatty!
by blows trees April 09, 2008
A hardcore band. Scene or emo kids usually listen to Norma Jean. Most of their songs have no vocal's jsut instrumental play. Pretty good.
1: I'm listening to Norma Jean
2: Cool I like their song Pretty Soon I Dont Know What
by Whitneey March 03, 2007
Norma Jean is the name of Marilyn Monroe - however, it has been adopted by a southern rock group on solid-state records.

Unfortunately, to the uninitiated, they just sound like somebody being burned alive, set to drums.
"What is this shit?"
"It's Norma Jean, babe!"
"Now that be lovin' music!"
by Devon Zachary August 08, 2005
The "hardcore" band that has pretty much defaced the name of hardcore. The first of many trendy bands to claim the label of hardcore and not actually have a message or even attempt to play hardcore music.
Person #1: Have you heard the new norma jean?
Person #2: Of course I will have anal sex with you.
by Victor301 October 11, 2005