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An incredible blow job (either given or received).

This term is derived from the strong winds associated with the weather pattern of the same name.
That was one hell of a nor'easter last night... everyone got soaked!
by Hugh Heffrey April 22, 2007
2 23
One of the many names that gaudy rich people give the yacht and country clubs.
Hey Chip, going to the Noreaster tonight?

No, No, Bunny and I will be at The Bird's Nest.
by ritechus February 28, 2005
10 46
when you have you lovely girlfriend/wife/fuck buddy laying on the bed on her back with her head hanging off, mouth wide open, you grab her by the back and front of her neck (with each hand)and violently fuck her mouth. this position gives you a straight shot down her mouth. no bullshit that she cant take it all. the "noreaster" name comes from its founder with the last name "snow"
dude, the other night i gave my girl a noreaster and you should have heard the gagging noises she was making.
by peter parker November 01, 2004
20 65