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See, noez.

Nooez is the affectionate version of noez, which is usually used in situation of instense grief, surprise, anguish, or all of the above, or perhaps in great insultive irony.

Nooez is also thought to be more commonly associately with actual noses, or perhaps just the lack thereof upon oni. If you actually get any of these jokes, you need to stop playing NS.
Oh Nooez, the ONOS are going to PWN us!

Oh Nooez, the gorges are going to pwn us!

Oh Nooez, the parasite kills keep racking up!

Oh Nooez, they are liek, teh welding teh vents and such.

Und so weiter, und so weiter.
by Duke of Saxony December 21, 2007
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