To be turned into or represent The liquid form of a noob
When i bunkered that guy i turned him into noobsauce .
by Danny Fallon April 24, 2007
a word used to tell someone who is being an idiot that they are being an idiot
(person drops cafeteria food on the floor and it gets everywhere)
random guy: aw dude i think you got a little noob-sauce on your face. might wanna wipe that off
by Gus Hightower August 10, 2007
A thick mixture of sweat and tears splattered as a result of a headshot to a complete noobasaurus rex.
Awww, look at that noobsauce! It's everywhere!
by SDFklmbnsadf September 10, 2007
A term used to describe more than one newbie, noob, or nub.

Veterans use it to say they are out to get that noob for doing something.

A general area of where noobs participate in.
Noob - 1 4/\/\ t3# r0<x0/2!!1!
Veteran - I am going to add you to my noob sauce!

Wrong - Look at all the noobs over there dancing! Eww!
Right - Look at the noob sauce over there dancing! Eww!
by Chris Carducci January 24, 2008
This is when an uber leet player pawns on noobs. After killing the noob he then puts a piece of him in his bottle of sauce, which is why it is called his noobSauce.
Mr. Uber l33t just pawned the noob n3m3sis, he then adds some of him to his bottle of noobSauce.
by KINGnoobSauce May 02, 2009
The substance ejected from an individual when a solid hit is placed upon them, namely in Counter Strike when a weapon pierces a player where pixelated blood is sent streaming from the wound.
Player1: omfg my scout just reamed your head and blew noob sauce all over the wall XD
Player2: omgwtfhax
by Kieran B November 02, 2006
the lowest level of gamer(and or) life. They r da ones noobs crush
man, that was my first online game in any madden game and the firt time i bought one and i still poned that 20year old's stanker. i love the taste of noob sauce.
by $CREEDS$ August 08, 2008

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