When a large quantity of new low level players lacking greater skill purchase a video game. The noob rush usually occurs around Christmas, Hannukkah, or a sale for the game. The noob rush is usually associated with FPS (first-person shooter) games.
Ohhh yeah, the noob rush
by leetassmf December 08, 2010
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When a (large) group of lower-level players attack one target at the same time, overwhelming them with superior numbers, AND the element of surprise.
Veteran *Walking alone down the street*
50 Newbies *Pour out of the alleyway and start punching the Veteran until he dies, quickly loot his corpse, and flee*
Veteran *Arrives at his corpse after being rezed* "Wtf! I can't believe I was just noob-rushed!"
by SMJ December 17, 2006

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