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1: The noob pwner a person who pwns noobs
2: Dancing while playing video games
3: MaTt EdMiNsTeR (The pwner)

Eddie pwned kyle cause hes a noob pwner
by Matt edminster July 22, 2006
A noob PWNER, or also known as a noob owner is one who spends his or her time pwning noobs. Noobs consist of the online gamers with horrible gamer tags. Some examples of these gammer tags are; bracken30, urmom, and raveu1224!!!
It is noob pwners duties to stop these noobs from, noobing people online video game experiences up. Noob pwners are very prestigious gamers and only come in a rare few.
Noob PWNER "raveu1224 is a noob at halo, he gets pwned all the time by Noob PWNER"
by vixymixy January 20, 2009