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1. Refers to a group of noobs in a game.(Usually a clan, guild, or party.)

2. The low levels' spawns for monsters in games. Usually these areas are crowded, and the noobs in the area are reffered to as "one big noob herd"

3. A low level guild or clan.
1. Gamer A: "Lol, those noobs think they can team up on a lvl 80."
Gamer B: "yeah lol, it's a noob herd"

2. Gamer A: "Let's goto worms"
Gamer B: "And do what? Watch the noob herds?"

3. Gamer A: "I'm gonna put my new char in that guild over there"
Gamer B: "lol, you gonna join the noob herd?"
by WalmartBagger April 03, 2007
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