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n. In Halo 3: weapons such as the sword, Spartan Laser, and Gravity Hammer. They are known for attracting noobs like flies. Alternatively spelled "nub bait" or "n00b bait."
OMFG I'ma leave this noob bait here and camp so I can own some noobs hardcore lololollol.
by Dan_FTW April 01, 2008
a very inexperienced and gullible individual who says things that dirty things without realizing it
Guy: omg your soo dumb frick

Gurl: well your a prick
Guy: thats really dirty.

Gurl: NOOO its going to look it up

Gurl: oh wow i TOTTALY didnt mean it like that!

Guy: omg that hilarious your such a NOOB BAIT!
by Wes;) November 08, 2011

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