Someone not affiliated with a fraternity
Male: Not affiliated with a Frat.
Female: Not affiliated with a Sorority
A Frat boy says "I was talking to this chick, roit (right), and her Nonner boyfriend comes up, and I'm like, get away Nonner, before I beat you up."
by Brother Little June 05, 2006
Top Definition
Shortened form of Non Sortie Producing Motherfucker. Term created by the "working" side of the U.S. Air Force. A sortie is one take-off and landing of an aircraft. Those that don't work on the flightline do not produce sorties and are thus labelled nonners.
Dad, what did you do during the war?

Son, I counted batteries in a box on a shelf. If there aren't 12 batteries in that box, it's my job to tell someone about it.

Dad that's pretty lame.

Well son, I am in the Air Force but I'm a nonner.
by Crusader 4 September 27, 2007
non-athlete; someone you would hang out with; someone who sits on the non-tv side of mission; fag (according to hawk); loser
It sucked, we were at this party with all these nonners, they were fuckin drinkin franzia and playing frisbee.
by G-Reg (aka Cub) November 27, 2006
Some lame college asshole who didn't join a frat. And they get sloppy drunk after their first beer and puke after the sixth. Most likely a guy who became one of the following:
1. Gay
2. Gal Pal
"So last night I went to this nonner party"
"Wow must have sucked ass!"
"You're telling me...the theme of the party was alice in wonderland and all I wanted to do was rip a j. But instead I had some ugly ass bitch try to hit on me only after I overheard some gay ass nerd say, 'what do you think of Mr. Sandersons class?' So then I ended up pissing all over their bathroom, breaking their stuff, and ravaging their fridge"

by Johnny U May 07, 2007
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