to freak out, to crack under stress or pressure.

Specialized vocabulary used by scientists and engineers.

"You'd better stop interrupting, man. Dave's about to go nonlinear!"
by Tessa Who September 03, 2005
Top Definition
Exhibiting a sudden change of personality, from one extreme to another.
1. Man I be workin' the honey when she went non-linear on my ass.

2. Dis bitch be talkin' fly an stuff when all of a sudden she went non-linear 'bout her job n' shit. Know what I'm sayin' ?
by Slim Shady April 08, 2005
Flipping out on somebody.
Guy be busting my chops so I went non-linear on his ass.
by Slick Mikey March 04, 2003
Not simple, not easy to resolve. Comes from math: whenever you see the word "linear", you know it's easy.

This word is not restricted to use in math.
y'' = -sin(y) <- The nonlinear pendulum.
y'' = -y <- Linearized (nonrealistic) pendulum.

"meselfs, I have girl troubles. I have no friends so I'm asking you, a known dateless loser."
"Sounds pretty nonlinear. Unfortunately, I can only suggest you go tensile test yourself."
by meselfs May 20, 2005
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