An adherent to the born-again virgin movement.
After spending her teen years partying and sleeping around, Allison turned to the church and became a nomosexual - saving herself for marriage.
by Dr. Sed May 19, 2006
Top Definition
A male or female with no desire for comanionship or sexual relationship. Often has no sexual prefrence.
Craig has never had a longing for companionship becuse he is a nomosexual.
by Jonathan Coit January 07, 2005
Being sexually attracted only to Hideo Nomo, a Japanese pitcher who played in Major League Baseball in the 90's and 2000's.
I caught Josh masturbating to a highlight reel of the 1995 Dodgers. I didn't know he was a closet Nomosexual.
by bulian June 01, 2009
a. a person who has "retired" from all sexual activity
b. any person no longer interested in sex
c. a person that is neither heterosexual nor homosexual
d. a born again virgin
"Put that thing away," she said, "I'm a nomosexual."
by karenrmm April 06, 2010
You were previously attracted to the opposite sex, but then you no longer were due to an incident and you're not gay, making you "nomosexual".
All my previos girlfriends kept fucking around with my so I've decided to go nomosexual
by Nomosexual April 04, 2009
A grown man or woman who used to be, but is no longer sexually active, for whatever reason.
Girl, you know I don't date anymore. I'm a nomosexual.
by KBnEP September 16, 2009
noun: a male (usually a bachelor in late-middle age) unlikely ever to engage in unpaid-for sexual intercourse again.
Mr. Huffins the irritable finicky English teacher who cooks complicated meals for himself is a well-known Nomosexual.
by Songg Righta March 15, 2004
Having No Sexual orientation.
Never having feeling's for anyone.
A stupid insult used by annoying freshman.
Bob- "See Windy over there? I hear she's a Nomosexual."

Ryan- "Ooh, that's harsh."
by RyanE123 October 29, 2008
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