When an Asian engages in intercourse with another person and/or object
Hey! Quit Nom Nomming with that fat chick!

He got his Nom Nom on with the dog yesterday.
by The Jesus Room June 16, 2011
when you see some girls out there who have a huge camel toe.and the pants are so in that u see the vagina devouring teh pants and aas they walk the sound nom nom coumes to mind
man that girl has nom nom!
by dumbapples March 23, 2011
the Thai term for a lady's tits or boobs
did you see the nom noms on her?
by thai banana December 13, 2010
something tasty or hot :D
*hot lad/girl walks past*
person one: "nom nom" she is well peng
person two: i know shes defo "nom nom"
by SomerRawr October 28, 2009
a sexually hard bite on a specific place on a person's body.
"That nom nom was intense!"
by pdoflo May 12, 2010
n. To get one's nom noms on is usually a term describing Finding and eating ridiculously copious amounts of food.
"these brownies are so nom nom"

by Sin 666 Jab January 07, 2009
1. A variation of "yum yum," to express deliciousness in the context of food, someone sexy, or any situation.
2. Verb, to eat or suck, usually on a penis.

(See also: nom)
1. Nom nom, this cookie is good!
2. She wants to nom on his peen.
by UrbanDick33333 August 17, 2008

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