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Lynn Nolan Ryan "The Express"
The best strikeout pitcher who ever played baseball. With a career that spanned 27 years, The Express became known for his blazing fastball (known to be 104 miles per hour at times) and incredible endurance. As a young pitcher, Nolan Ryan seemed to be doomed for mediocrity, but in latter half of his career, his amazing strikeout capability and capacity to throw no-hitters ensured his place in the Hall of Fame. As a win's pitcher, Nolan Ryan is one of the few members of the 300-wins club, and nearly had as many wins as losses (324-292), however, his 5,714 strikeouts is a record considered by many baseball fans, as untouchable.

Nolan Ryan also achieved fame in his fighting ability when the mound was charged by a batter, as is evident in a famous fight against Robin Ventura, who was 26 years old when he charged a 46 year old Ryan after being nailed with a fastball. Ryan put him in a headlock and punched him repeatedly.
Nolan Ryan is the all-time leader in strikeouts in Major League Baseball.
by N.A.P. July 14, 2006
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