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an extremely talented cockney ragamuffin comedian with razor sharp timing and the cheekbones to match, noel fielding is one half of the amazing Mighty Boosh (the other half being the fabulous Julian Barratt).

the pointy-faced Noel plays all manner of curious characters in The Mighty Boosh radio, tv and live shows, the main one being Vince Noir; Rock N Roll Star/Goth Fairy/Electro Poof
( a few other examples for ya: an evil green cockney manwitch, a mexican sex-crazed bongo player and a funky transexual merman :D)

Noel is also a celebrated stand-up in his own right, with his surreal and fantastical style enchanting pretty much anyone who has the fortune of seeing him perform.

i think you may be able to tell from the above gushing that he's also a tad gorgeous. actually, make that friggin' HOT. in a pointy way.

"noel fielding has girl hair and wears makeup...why oh why is he still so blummin' attractive?!"

"Vince Noir..........Electro Poof"

"I'm a cockney geezer, watch me bleed yer!"

"I'm Old Greeeeeeegg!"
by parlez April 17, 2006
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a very funny comedian who is gorgeous, unique and a complete legend!
most famous for his characters in the might boosh
Noel Fielding Quotes Yeah?

"You know the black bits in bananas? Are they tarantulas' eggs?"

"It's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho."

"We got everythin' we need here. We got Baileys, creamy, and, um... everythin' good. I'll get ya another Baileys."
by [R]o January 06, 2008
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Noel Fielding. King of the MODS.
Comedic Legend.
Be enchanted by his raw sexual magnetism.
and that cheeky finge and razor sharp cheeks bones and chinny chin.
Stef:Lets talk about Noel Fielding
Rachel:Noel, Noel noel noel noel.
Stef:Noel noel Noel Noel Noel Noel Noel Noel Noel Noel.
Rachel: i agree.
by PlanPony January 17, 2008
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GOD!!! most famous for playing vince noir in comedy series the mighty boosh. Unbeliavbly, crazily hot, funny and coool comedian
NOEL FIELDING is the sexxxxxxxxxxx
by bexx [fielding] April 07, 2006
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thinking about Noel Fielding makes me wet
by nelly11 August 08, 2012
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