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pronounced (nõ-chee-TOW-tlêh): A written form of the English language, spelled by using the phonetic and alphabetical rules of the Spanish language so that when spoken out loud sounds as English with a heavy Spanish accent. Nochitotle users, therefore, require some knowledge of both Spanish and English. On occasion, the writer can also purposely use poor English grammar to add a comedic flair to the message.
Person 1: Ou em lli, ai ken espík nochitotle nau! Ai lob!
|OMG, I can speak Nochitotle now! I love (it)!|

Person 2: Güat de fok? Is estuped.
|What the f*ck? (It) Is stupid.|

Person 1: Juay llu jeit?
|Why you hate?|

Person 2: Get a laif.
|Get a life.|

Person 1: Güatever, bich.
|Whatever, bitch.|
by Güalter January 18, 2012
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