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a jerk; someone who bothers you when you clearly do not want to be bothered. i.e. on the phone, doing homework, talking to someone.;a nag
"Boy, Brian was being a real nob job today. Wasn't he?
by Kris G January 13, 2007
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It means Legend, G, Nigga, Home fry, Dog, Bitch etc.
Sup nobjob?
Nobjob. Your gf is hot bro.
Ohhhh nobjob ohhh yess oh oh.
by Joe Nobjob October 04, 2007
the name of the activity when a man orally and/or digitally (that's with his fingers) gratifies a woman.
Wow..last night, Kurt gave me the best nob job I have ever had!!!
by Fairygirl1125 November 19, 2007
i made it it means wank but its totally better
im going to have a nob job
by phil January 05, 2005

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