the absolute best way to get a blowjob. if you're in the middle of a blowjob and want to increase the feeling tell the bitch "no hands" your eyes will immediately roll to the back of your head and your throat will release a long but quiet "awwwwwwwwwwh"
(during a blowjob)

head doctor: how's that feel?

dude: it feels good, but could be better.

head doctor: what do u want me to do?

dude: no hands bitch, no hands...

head doctor: like that?

dude: (eyes rolled back) no words bitch, no words...awwwwwwwwh...
by AL-B in the 313 February 23, 2007
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performing an activity without the use of the hands
Why does Rover keep licking himself?
Because he has no hands.
by yorrick hunt January 23, 2008
When someone has no street fighting skills at all.
Bluhd, that nigga Jose got his ass beat, he got no hands!

She hella weak, she has no hands.
by Payme! November 30, 2009
nohands is a sticky sandwich of polymer that allows you to stick up your personal gadgets to vertical surfaces!
Use nohands to stick up your iphone to that wall!
by stevedave12 August 14, 2010
kinda like noscoping in a game but you get oral and when your ready to cum you stand up scream no hands take it out and let the cum find its own path , you get bonus points if most of it hits her...
dude:im about ready to cum girl: mhm guy:(stands up) no hands! . dude: sorry about your shirt , rug , hair etc...
by davidcoey November 05, 2010
The world's most photoshopped kitten. Has his own gallery and a cult following in the tens of thousands.
"I photoshopped Nohands riding a bicycle."
by EvilPundit February 22, 2004
Awesome kitty!!!!!
Nohand gallery!!!! search google!!!!
by ¡DŃ™! November 07, 2003
Feline mascot of No Hands is a cute lil' kitten with a multitute of talents.
"Look, I just 'shopped No Hands fisting Tony Blair"
by Miles Pieri January 20, 2004
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