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Inverse of ditto
Tom: I'd bang Lady GaGa in a heartbeat!
Dick: Ditto!
Harry: Nitto, kiddo! She's a man, baby!
by Sidgar February 02, 2013
1 2
Expression; means what you want it to mean. Usually if something is outragous Or shit. used in refrence to a person
Nitto get on that mans shirt.
Nitto!That Girls such a slag.
by Greekie October 22, 2004
38 21
Opposite of ditto.
Nitto, I'd only tap that f she wore a bag on her head
by GidionBible April 25, 2011
11 1
"That fat girls on it blood!"
"Nitto kidda"
by Bowizzle October 13, 2008
4 9