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This one is simple....a nitrous cracker is the handheld device you use to "crack" a can of nitrous oxide for the most insane 'whippit' buzz ever. Sure beats a can of whipped cream... =D
"Bro'....give me the cracker for the nitrous...haha....haha....I can't feel my face....need another can...haha haha...oh man...I can't feel my face!
Give me the nitrous cracker....I need to kill some more brain cells and die laughing....
by ryan @ mobilecomm April 12, 2006
A Nitrous Cracker is the new name for a whipped cream dispenser that isn't used for turning fresh cream into whipped cream, but is for cracking nangs and inhaling nitrous oxide. They come in many sizes, ranging from 250ml to 1L. They are by far the safest method of use, when used along side with a balloon. The most popular brand is the ISI brand. Much cheaper and easier to get compared to dentist cylinders.
"Man, your hogging the nitrous cracker. Pass it here, I want a nang."
by quadeyquade February 18, 2010
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