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Niten Ichi Ryu also known as Nito Ryu (Japanese to English trans: the school of two swords) was a form of Kenjutsu (Japanese swordsmanship) created by the legendary sword-saint Musashi Miyamoto (birth name : Takezo Shinmen.)

The style is mostly noted for it's use of using two swords in harmony as to parry, and the other to kill (ex.)

From what I understand of the style's history, Musashi was highly trained by his father in Juttejutsu (skill w/ a steel truncheon) in both standard Jutte, and the Manji-jutte (cross shaped truncheon.)

The jutte is a defensive/offensive tool that switches between the two at a blink....the precursor to the modern Sai used to Okinawan kobudo....
A lateral parry w/ a Shoto (short sword) with a counter cut using the Daito (long sword) is a classic example of Nito Ryu (aka Niten Ichi Ryu.)
by ryan @ mobilecomm April 12, 2006
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miyamoto musahsi's sword technique
he used niten ichi ryu to kill the man
by Konner February 14, 2005
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