nish-nish meaning, being depresso, constantly late, crazy good at MX video games
David, you fucking nish-nish.
#canishnish #goon #man #mx nerd #freak
by CG927 January 07, 2007
Top Definition
no, thats a negative, i dont think so, opposite of ak ya. It can also pertain to an idea that you do not agree with.
What do you think about this idea?
Nish nish.

Do you like goats?
Nish nish, I like sheep.

We are going to be eating sushi at Sushi Sake.
Nish nish.
#no #negative #negatory #not #yes
by tiffaneeee April 20, 2006
Naughty Naughty, not acceptable, not kosher
having anal sex is nish nish
#nish nish #naughty #not kosher #not acceptable #not cool
by Moses56 September 06, 2010
Initiative Nish-Nish is another word for Initiative and can be used much more freely. It adds to the flow of the conversation.
You have the take the Nish-Nish to get the job done.

You need more Nish-Nish.
by Sean E. March 06, 2005
Electronic hub label from London, Purveyors of Electronic House and Techno.
Words mean to get messy on Smarties, Cola and Hops.
Anyone up for a Nish Nish tonight?

Boy your so Nish
#nishnish #nishnash #nashnish #nishing #nish
by sosanater March 08, 2007
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