The main reason I'm committing a suicide.
Rest In Peace, Kurt Cobain
by Something in the way December 26, 2003
One of the most overrated bands ever.They are rated #7 on the greatest hard-rock artists of all time leaving behind Deep Purple,Pink floyd,Guns N,Roses,Cream,Ozzy.That is of course not so.They should be like # 80-90.
1.Hey do u like Nirvana?
2.No,not really,they suck.
by Nick Carter April 09, 2006
A skilless band headed by Kurt Cobain. Nirvana is the definition of "overrated".

Impossible since the definition of overrated is Gn'R and their shitty guitarist.

Kurt sucked at guitar, and his vocals, although easy to like, were crap.

Slash sucked at guitar.Kurt was better than Slash at guitar.He also sang and wrote lyrics and Nirvana SOUNDED GOOD unlike that god awful fucking faggot HAIR BAND Gn'R which is a band for faggots.And if Kurt's vocals were easy to like then why not fucking like them then? Gosh you're fickle.

The worse part is that there are teenyboppers that think Nirvana is so undergroud and cool, and advirtise that they love nirvana/kurt cobain everywhere they go.Marc: Omg nirvana is so kvlt.

Why does it matter what other people think? If the music is good then it's fuckin good.YOU sound like a fuckin teenybopper.

Matt: No, Nirvana sucks ass, Kurt Cobain cant play guitar worth shit.

Better than Slash who sucks and is seriously overrated,especially since he was from a shit band that SUCKED SHIT and sounded like fuckin SHIT.FUCK Gn'R in the ASS!

Marc: But it doesnt matter, Nirvana is so und3rground. Im cool by liking them, unlike the idiots that

Yeah,whatever.You care what other people think instead of caring about music.You're a fuckin poser.GO TO HELL.
Nirvana while not the best band ever were certainly one of the best modern bands along with SUBLIME and LBDA and GREEN DAY.
Some of you teeny boppers scare me with your ignorance.
The whiniest group of fucks to ever walk the planet. Can u name anyone form the band besides Kobain...NO thats what i thought. Curt kobain the biggest pussy ever...EMO!!!!
Guy in band A "Hey Curt wanna go play some shitty music"
Curt "no i'd rather kill myself"
Guy in Band B "Fucking emo"

Fuck you Fuck Nirvana
by swiftastic T June 22, 2006
Nirvana was over rated. Half their publicity came from Kurt Cobain taking him self out.
Kurt:My life is so miserable, I'm a famous rock star.
Do your self a favor and listen to some Pearl Jam. They were much better.
I know by now your probably going to vote thumbs down on this definition right now but at least i didn't write one of those stupid nirvana is the greatest band in the world defintions. i hope you all comit suicide!!
Pearl Jam is better than Nirvana
by o'sully April 08, 2005
A cool band.

NOT The best band of all time and NOT the best band to come from Seattle...Hendrix came from Seattle (duh) and so did Heart and they were pretty fucking good too.

Nirvana has more soul than Metallica

Nirvana was more rocking and less flamboyant and better than RHCP,IMO

Nirvana was better in many ways than Neil Young (Damn Canadian)

Nirvana was better in every way than GnR
Hi Axl,ya faggot!

Nirvana was better by far than Pearl Jam,AIC,SOUNDGARDEN and STP and SMASHING PUMPKINS and prolly every other grunge band.

Nirvana is better than the Pixies

Nirvana is better than the Clash

Nirvana is better than the Sex Pistols

Nirvana is better than the Dead Kennedies

Nirvana is better than Black Flag or Henry Rollins

Nirvana was better than the Ramones
Nirvana mixed punk and psychedelic rock & roll which was a fine experiment and a cool sound and they almost brought ROCK back but too many copycat wannabe fagz tried to glom on to their fame and hitch a ride on their coattails when none of them were anywhere near as original and infact all copied eachothers shitty styles which was all a bunch of baaaa-ing and mooo-ing like farm animals (AIC and PEARL JAM) etc.
On the one hand some people grossly overrate them by saying they're the best band ever.

On the other hand even more faggots tear them a new ass unfairly and whine their eyes out saying that they suck!

FACT:Nirvana is better than...

Gn'R who suck!
Pearl Jam who suck!
Radiohead who suck!
RATM who suck!
Soundgarden or Audioslave who suck!
Smashing Pumpkins!
Faith No More!
Blink 182!
Counting Crowes!
Silver Chair!
Motley Poo!
White Zombie!
Limp Bizkit!
Puddle Of Mudd!
Kid Rock!

I could keep going but there are just too many shitty bands.I would be here forever!
So Nirvana,they're NOT the best band but they're definately NOT the worst band either.Now shut the fuck up all of you whining little pansies.YOU ALL HAVE SHITTY TASTE!
by bob November 27, 2004

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