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scottish youth meaning,to snog someone;kiss with tongues.
Guy one:'i want to nipp that lassie'
Guy two:'Aye,ano...shes sumbit(lol)'
by R.scottie4eva April 12, 2009

Plenty for guys and girls!
-Damn, she got some big ol nipps!
=You can say that again!
-....she has big nipps.
=Shut up, n00b!
by Johnny Nipps February 19, 2004
A "nothing-in-particular-person"... someone who doesn't quite do anything; they're never good or bad, just there being creepy and lackluster
"I don't know why I don't like her, she's just sort of a NIPP. She didn't do anything wrong, but she doesn't do anything right either..."
by a_d_c September 05, 2011
When your mother goes and shoves nipples up your ass.
Justin: "Hey buddy how are those Nipps?
Liam: "FUCK YOU"
by ljackstar August 20, 2011