A piece of pipe that is threaded on both ends. The short lenths of pipe that connect the components on a manifold.
Sam, cut and thread 3ea. 1/2" nipples 8" long.
by wright May 15, 2005
A common misconception amongst the use of the word nipple - in this context it is the rubber bung required to draw liquid from a platypus.
AWWW my nipple fell off!

Where's my nipple?

I dropped my nipple at checkpoint 2
by Jono Green + Muel February 04, 2005
Verb, the act of tugging one's nipples so hard they become detached from one's body.
I totally nippled myself the other day while watching Sleepless in Seattle.
by HOLWERDA!!! June 10, 2007
see nizzle a piece of fles at the end of a persons breast see nurple
ur a nipple
by aron December 11, 2003
the rasin on a breadboard (womans Tits) similar appearance to bee stings. can be as large as digestives or as small as tic tacs
carries erect nipple in my eye
by Toadfish Rabecky January 27, 2003
a 5-cent coin
Let me see your nipple, er, I mean NICKEL !
by Jake February 20, 2004
the new synonym for something amazingly cool.
Cora: wow, this hash is.....um what is the word?

Mike: it's totally nipples.

Cora: yeah man, that's it! Nipples!
by kindred_sage2 June 24, 2009

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