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In the plumbing field a nipple is a predetermined short length of pipe usually NPT(National Pipe Thread). A NPT threaded nipple can be made of almost any material and can be in sizes ranging from 1/16" to 24" NPS(Nominal Pipe Size). The plumbing nipple gets it's nickname because of it's similar function to that of a female nipple in humans and animals. It's usually a small protrusion which emanates fluid or gas.
"You want your nipple an 1 5/8" off of the finish wall in this situation."
by JoePlumber April 13, 2010
A would be item that you would offer to a friend when they are slowly drinking their beer.
Do we need to get you a nipple for that beer!?
by casey and andrew November 05, 2010
the thing your mommie made you suck on when you were a baby
you sucked your mom's nipple!
by ;pd? January 18, 2009
A worthless, dumb male. A nipple (on a male) has no real purpose; it just sits there and be's dumb. A female cannot be called a nipple since on a female the nipple serves a purpose.
"Steve, you nipple." "That kid is a real nipple."
by Ryan Murphy October 04, 2006
the little bumps on the end of a breast
She loved it when i felt her nipple.
by bob July 14, 2003
1.The thing I fiddle with when I'm doing "her"

every human has them
You know you wanna :D
by hexaGonmaN April 28, 2004
A small metal tube protruding from the breech of a muzzle loading firearm, used to hold a percussion cap so that it may be struck by the hammer and ignite the powder.
Place a cap on the nipple and draw the hammer back, aim, and fire.
by BlastMaster June 12, 2003